50 Shades of LAME …


“…her world fell apart when he tapped her across the face. Take a punch to your suck hole for kinky sake and get back to me…” — A Perverse Reality


I do believe that Fifty Shades of Grey is a prime example of the glorification of mainstream kink. It’s all about sexy seduction and love taps here and there but let’s face it that is not the reality of the kinky or fetishism. Now I will be honest with you, I did not read or watch the book or the movie. Because I did not have to now that it was glorification of mainstream kink, besides, everyone else and their mother drooled over it. After having to sit through numerous mind-numbing, torturous conversations about how this book had changed the way people look at kink or fetishism it was like a slow death. If Fifty Shades of Grey changed the way they looked at kink and fetishism then I just thought I’ll keep my mouth shut because if I were to tell them what the Kinks and Fetishes really were about they would need padded walls and Jesus by the time I was done.

50 More… domme-digging-her-heel-into-muscular-hunks-ass-498x498

Now this isn’t to slam Fifty Shades of Grey because every housewife from the 1940’s has to have her own little secret pleasure to hide from her bread winning husband. The glorification of mainstream kinky isn’t wrong, but if you are going to glorify it and mainstream it then please for the love of god explain it and or portray it correctly! Now with being The Operator I will not be talking about fetishism and kink and breaking them down I will however state my opinion and let you know from my perspective which is a unique one. From my perspective Fifty shades of Grey is a little on the Fifty Shades of Lame side, this isn’t a bashing session but from my experience as a former phone whore some like to call it, a slap across the face was something not only do I wish I could talk about but just imagine something darker, harder and much more devilish intent behind it. The things about some fetishism and kinks are what nightmares and PTSD is made of.

The imagination is a great thing, but also, can be an extremely scary thing and that is what is meant by the depths of fantasies and fetishism. I believe everyone should explore their desires and fantasies but not at the expense of hurting people or the innocent. So I hope that you enjoyed this little rant I guess you can call it I like to think of it not as a rant but just to get you to think about it. Become a Phone Sex Operator or any part of the actual adult entertainment industry and tell me that Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t Fifty Shades of Lame.



2 thoughts on “50 Shades of LAME …

  1. My expectations were never very high, but I think this book is a great example of the dumbing down of cultural conversation through the acceptance of YA novels as standard adult reading. I have no doubt that the book succeeded solely because it was so watered down and tame, but man I wish people were reading many of the other great options, such as the Sleeping Beauty series, available out there!


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