How I Got Inpiration for a Book About Snuff



I’m in the final stages of editing my latest book, “The Midnight Dinner Party.” It’s about a woman who seeks vengeance after her niece is murdered in the making of a snuff film.

Sadly enough, the book was inspired by true events. My real niece was caught sending dirty photos to older guys online. This came as a total shock, because she was raised in a small farming community with only limited access to the internet and all its corrupting influences. Yet there she was, taking photos of herself in her underwear and sending them to random strangers. It really freaked me out! Especially since I’m a phone sex dom. I know what the peeves are like out there!

I could only imagine the terrible things that could happen to her.  I’d never be able to live with the pain of losing her, and even if I did survive, I would eventually snap and end up being a pod boss in prison, smacking down bitches for being stupid.

Katherine, the protagonist of my book, faces a similar moral dilemma, though her version of snapping is much more inventive than mine would be!

Big hugs!



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