And the Survey Says? Guys Like Vagina. All Kinds of Vaginas

Let’s get crude, crass and most of all REAL for a moment…

Listen I know and am aware that all guys don’t like vajays … I get that. But still, most guys like them, and at one time, I thought I knew exactly what they wanted. But then I learned the truth.

Several years ago, a girlfriend of mine and I decided we wanted to do an experiment. We went onto dating sites, created profiles, and then conducted surveys in an effort to find out what men really want or what men really expect when it comes to lady parts.


It’s been so long, I don’t remember a lot of the questions we asked, but one of them still sticks in my mind, because I was a bit surprised by the results.

The question we asked was fairly simple: What types of vajays do you prefer.

I figured we would get pretty similar answers to this. I mean, the stereotype is men liked shaved “Barbie” vajays, right?

Boy was I wrong. We got a wide range of answers: Fat vajays, hairy ones, thin lipped ones, beef burger lips and even meat curtains. You name it.

Now there was one respondent who described himself as a player, and his response was about what I thought I’d get. He said one night he took a girl home. She was a model, really pretty, and he was into her — until she took her jeans off. He said he couldn’t handle what he described as her “Beef Pattie Pussy.”


So yeah, some guys are exactly like I expect them to be.

But overall, the responses were as diverse as the men who gave them and we spoke to about 600 men in the local area. It was nice getting such an in-depth look beyond the stereotypes. In fact, I’m thinking about conducting another poll soon.

Anyone have any ideas for questions they’d like me to ask?

Feel free to leave a comment on what poll i should conduct next time.

Big hugs!



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