Why do I Write Horror?

I suppose anyone who writes horror gets the same question: Why do you write that stuff?
Typically, the person who asks you this question is watching you closely … possibly to make sure you aren’t crazy or homicidal or something.

Well, I’m not crazy or homicidal … as long as I get my coffee in the morning! But I do love writing horror. I also love watching horror. As I mentioned in my post about writing routines, I put on a vintage horror movie every day while I write.
Love horror. Love it.
And for me, it wasn’t an acquired taste. While most people come to horror later in life, once they outgrow the need to sleep with a night light, but I never had to grow into it. I’ve been cool with it as long as I can remember. When I was little, my older siblings would try to scare me by locking me in a dark room while movies like “IT” or “Poltergeist” played. But I was the one who wound up scaring them when I didn’t react the way they thought I should. I seemed to enjoy the movies, and while I’m sure I was in shock, I found excitement and comfort in horror/mystery/thrillers.
I still do to this day. For me, horror writing is like wearing sweats and eating mac and cheese … comfort food for my mind.
Big hugs!


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