Let’s Gossip For A Minute!

One of My Most Extreme Submissives


Let’s gossip for a minute…

I’ve had phone sex with thousands of guys through the years. Many of them have been submissive. Needless to say, I’ve had a pretty wild variety of experiences.

But one of my slaves stood out among the rest. His name was Pat, and he was intense. I mean, we could start by discussing his expensive collection of interesting toys, or we could talk about how he liked to let me watch him having sex with transexual prostitutes.

But I’d rather talk about the bucket.

See. Here’s how it went. Pat had a home office, and he would use that office when we played our games. One day I noticed that he had a pulley system set up, so I decided to spice our games up a bit. I instructed him to attach one end of the pulley to his testicles. On the other end, he attached a five-gallon bucket.

During the course of our conversation, I had him fill that bucket with water.

By the time the bucket was full, he was on his knees, begging for release. But I don’t really work that way.

See, the thing is, I knew that he really wanted the pain caused by the buckfem-dom-7et. If not, he wouldn’t have called me. So I let Pat live with that pain for a bit, learn to embrace it. And I told him he could be let free, based on one condition …

He couldn’t ask me for it.

I would decide.

Big hugs!



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