Subs Hide in Plain Sight

They live and walk among us, totally unseen …

And no, I’m not talking about body-snatching aliens. I’m talking about subs. They are out there, plenty of them, and you have no idea who they are.

When you think of submissives, you think of collars and ball gags, right? Well think about this: when they’re out on the streets, they dress just like everyone else. Hell, you may even work with a couple of them!

Just think about it. You never know what could be hiding under that suit … or construction uniform. Could be a sexy pair of panties. Could be a chastity belt. Could be a butt plug set to vibrate.


You just never know.

Could be your all-powerful boss, the company CEO or asshole manager, is some woman’s little beta bitch in secret. Could be he spends his free time doing any little chore she chooses. I’ve got a few slaves like that right now myself. They may seem important, but to me, they’re just little bitches. 

So ladies, just think about it the next time you’re on an elevator with a cute guy – he could be wearing a lacy pink thong under that pair of perfectly fitted jeans!


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