Slaves Aren’t Individuals … and That’s the Point!


Slaves Aren’t Individuals … and That’s the Point!

I saw this photo the other day, and while I’m sure there are plenty of women out there who got the tingles when they read it, I have to call bullshit. While it’s really romantic to think of submission in terms of free men choosing to kneel at the feet of dominant women, it doesn’t work that way, in my experience.0d25ab7641276c3b3e2ca802ffd3b139-1At least not in the world of phone sex.
See, here’s the thing: When a guy becomes a slave, he ceases to be an individual with free will. That’s the point. And typically, he doesn’t choose to become a slave. A guy who is willing to have his free will and dignity stripped away isn’t acting on impulse. He has deep-seated needs that he’s seeking to have addressed. He turns to a dom to take control because he NEEDS the dom to take control.
There are plenty of explanations for why this happens. Maybe the sub feels like he has too many responsibilities in his day-to-day life. Maybe he’s an alpha type who gets a thrill from being overpowered. One of the things I feel makes me good as a dom is the fact that I can suss these motivations out and use them as leverage against my slaves.
But in the end, the results are the same: My slaves aren’t individuals. Once I’ve dug to the core of what makes them tick, I have all the power I need to make sure that they don’t have any control over their actions, because I own them. They are my property to be used at will. I take everything I want.
Lucky for them, I’m a pretty decent person at heart, and wouldn’t take (too much) advantage of my power.
So yeah — I guess it’s all sweet and nice that my submissives choose to kneel at my feet … when I tell them to!
Now kneel!
Big hugs!


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