Subs Hide in Plain Sight

They live and walk among us, totally unseen …

And no, I’m not talking about body-snatching aliens. I’m talking about subs. They are out there, plenty of them, and you have no idea who they are.

When you think of submissives, you think of collars and ball gags, right? Well think about this: when they’re out on the streets, they dress just like everyone else. Hell, you may even work with a couple of them!

Just think about it. You never know what could be hiding under that suit … or construction uniform. Could be a sexy pair of panties. Could be a chastity belt. Could be a butt plug set to vibrate.


You just never know.

Could be your all-powerful boss, the company CEO or asshole manager, is some woman’s little beta bitch in secret. Could be he spends his free time doing any little chore she chooses. I’ve got a few slaves like that right now myself. They may seem important, but to me, they’re just little bitches. 

So ladies, just think about it the next time you’re on an elevator with a cute guy – he could be wearing a lacy pink thong under that pair of perfectly fitted jeans!


Let’s Gossip For A Minute!

One of My Most Extreme Submissives


Let’s gossip for a minute…

I’ve had phone sex with thousands of guys through the years. Many of them have been submissive. Needless to say, I’ve had a pretty wild variety of experiences.

But one of my slaves stood out among the rest. His name was Pat, and he was intense. I mean, we could start by discussing his expensive collection of interesting toys, or we could talk about how he liked to let me watch him having sex with transexual prostitutes.

But I’d rather talk about the bucket.

See. Here’s how it went. Pat had a home office, and he would use that office when we played our games. One day I noticed that he had a pulley system set up, so I decided to spice our games up a bit. I instructed him to attach one end of the pulley to his testicles. On the other end, he attached a five-gallon bucket.

During the course of our conversation, I had him fill that bucket with water.

By the time the bucket was full, he was on his knees, begging for release. But I don’t really work that way.

See, the thing is, I knew that he really wanted the pain caused by the buckfem-dom-7et. If not, he wouldn’t have called me. So I let Pat live with that pain for a bit, learn to embrace it. And I told him he could be let free, based on one condition …

He couldn’t ask me for it.

I would decide.

Big hugs!


And the Survey Says? Guys Like Vagina. All Kinds of Vaginas

Let’s get crude, crass and most of all REAL for a moment…

Listen I know and am aware that all guys don’t like vajays … I get that. But still, most guys like them, and at one time, I thought I knew exactly what they wanted. But then I learned the truth.

Several years ago, a girlfriend of mine and I decided we wanted to do an experiment. We went onto dating sites, created profiles, and then conducted surveys in an effort to find out what men really want or what men really expect when it comes to lady parts.


It’s been so long, I don’t remember a lot of the questions we asked, but one of them still sticks in my mind, because I was a bit surprised by the results.

The question we asked was fairly simple: What types of vajays do you prefer.

I figured we would get pretty similar answers to this. I mean, the stereotype is men liked shaved “Barbie” vajays, right?

Boy was I wrong. We got a wide range of answers: Fat vajays, hairy ones, thin lipped ones, beef burger lips and even meat curtains. You name it.

Now there was one respondent who described himself as a player, and his response was about what I thought I’d get. He said one night he took a girl home. She was a model, really pretty, and he was into her — until she took her jeans off. He said he couldn’t handle what he described as her “Beef Pattie Pussy.”


So yeah, some guys are exactly like I expect them to be.

But overall, the responses were as diverse as the men who gave them and we spoke to about 600 men in the local area. It was nice getting such an in-depth look beyond the stereotypes. In fact, I’m thinking about conducting another poll soon.

Anyone have any ideas for questions they’d like me to ask?

Feel free to leave a comment on what poll i should conduct next time.

Big hugs!


My Writing Secret: Silver Screen Horror!

Writing can be monotonous business, especially when you live alone, like I do. That’s a lot of hours to spend in front of a computer screen, so I typically turn on an old black-and-white movie and let it play in the background.

My writing companions include Nosferatu, the Phantom of the Opera, and Frankenstein’s monster.


I don’t typically WATCH the movies – not actively, anyway. In fact, most of the time, they’re on mute. But I take comfort in having them in the background. They give me something to look at when I need a distraction, and they provide the inspiration for the type of horror I like best. What I love about those old-school horror movies is the way directors handled horror in those days. The movies were not only creepier and more gothic, but relied more on building suspense.

Now don’t get me wrong – I love blood and guts. I get why people enjoy today’s more gory horror movies. But back then, directors knew how to allow harness the power of suggestion. They allowed the viewers to torture themselves with their imaginations. 

I like to think that one of my strengths as a writer is creating that same silver-screen suspense in my writing.  Because letting someone’s mind work against them? That’s a power any dom can appreciate!

Big hugs!


Why do I Write Horror?

I suppose anyone who writes horror gets the same question: Why do you write that stuff?
Typically, the person who asks you this question is watching you closely … possibly to make sure you aren’t crazy or homicidal or something.

Well, I’m not crazy or homicidal … as long as I get my coffee in the morning! But I do love writing horror. I also love watching horror. As I mentioned in my post about writing routines, I put on a vintage horror movie every day while I write.
Love horror. Love it.
And for me, it wasn’t an acquired taste. While most people come to horror later in life, once they outgrow the need to sleep with a night light, but I never had to grow into it. I’ve been cool with it as long as I can remember. When I was little, my older siblings would try to scare me by locking me in a dark room while movies like “IT” or “Poltergeist” played. But I was the one who wound up scaring them when I didn’t react the way they thought I should. I seemed to enjoy the movies, and while I’m sure I was in shock, I found excitement and comfort in horror/mystery/thrillers.
I still do to this day. For me, horror writing is like wearing sweats and eating mac and cheese … comfort food for my mind.
Big hugs!

How I Got Inpiration for a Book About Snuff



I’m in the final stages of editing my latest book, “The Midnight Dinner Party.” It’s about a woman who seeks vengeance after her niece is murdered in the making of a snuff film.

Sadly enough, the book was inspired by true events. My real niece was caught sending dirty photos to older guys online. This came as a total shock, because she was raised in a small farming community with only limited access to the internet and all its corrupting influences. Yet there she was, taking photos of herself in her underwear and sending them to random strangers. It really freaked me out! Especially since I’m a phone sex dom. I know what the peeves are like out there!

I could only imagine the terrible things that could happen to her.  I’d never be able to live with the pain of losing her, and even if I did survive, I would eventually snap and end up being a pod boss in prison, smacking down bitches for being stupid.

Katherine, the protagonist of my book, faces a similar moral dilemma, though her version of snapping is much more inventive than mine would be!

Big hugs!


50 Shades of LAME …


“…her world fell apart when he tapped her across the face. Take a punch to your suck hole for kinky sake and get back to me…” — A Perverse Reality


I do believe that Fifty Shades of Grey is a prime example of the glorification of mainstream kink. It’s all about sexy seduction and love taps here and there but let’s face it that is not the reality of the kinky or fetishism. Now I will be honest with you, I did not read or watch the book or the movie. Because I did not have to now that it was glorification of mainstream kink, besides, everyone else and their mother drooled over it. After having to sit through numerous mind-numbing, torturous conversations about how this book had changed the way people look at kink or fetishism it was like a slow death. If Fifty Shades of Grey changed the way they looked at kink and fetishism then I just thought I’ll keep my mouth shut because if I were to tell them what the Kinks and Fetishes really were about they would need padded walls and Jesus by the time I was done.

50 More… domme-digging-her-heel-into-muscular-hunks-ass-498x498

Now this isn’t to slam Fifty Shades of Grey because every housewife from the 1940’s has to have her own little secret pleasure to hide from her bread winning husband. The glorification of mainstream kinky isn’t wrong, but if you are going to glorify it and mainstream it then please for the love of god explain it and or portray it correctly! Now with being The Operator I will not be talking about fetishism and kink and breaking them down I will however state my opinion and let you know from my perspective which is a unique one. From my perspective Fifty shades of Grey is a little on the Fifty Shades of Lame side, this isn’t a bashing session but from my experience as a former phone whore some like to call it, a slap across the face was something not only do I wish I could talk about but just imagine something darker, harder and much more devilish intent behind it. The things about some fetishism and kinks are what nightmares and PTSD is made of.

The imagination is a great thing, but also, can be an extremely scary thing and that is what is meant by the depths of fantasies and fetishism. I believe everyone should explore their desires and fantasies but not at the expense of hurting people or the innocent. So I hope that you enjoyed this little rant I guess you can call it I like to think of it not as a rant but just to get you to think about it. Become a Phone Sex Operator or any part of the actual adult entertainment industry and tell me that Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t Fifty Shades of Lame.