Bottom of the Barrel Dating Site POF! # 1

Bottom of the Barrel Dating Site POF: #1!


I am all about investigations and so here is what I did, I signed up on (Plenty Of Fish).

I filled out my profile and asked questions.


QUESTION 1: Let us start with what you prefer, to answer go ahead and message me your answer! Which do you prefer, Relationships? **** Buddies? Fly By One Night Stands!?

The outcome of that was well over 300 responses and that is just in my area. 65% of men on that site and in my area preferred fuck buddies. 30% of men prefer one night stands and 5% preferred a relationship. And what tickled me the most were the fuck buddies and one night stands were very narcissistic and rude in a sense when speaking with me. The whole trying to degrade me while asking me on a date? Ok so with most men on the site I have no hope for them. I am going to explain that there was this gentleman on the site and he picked fuck buddies. I felt sorry for him but admired him at the same time (Crazy I know). He fully admitted that relationships and one night stands were too much work. As I read his reasonings I was thinking “??????” Like what the hell! Then he, in full disclosure that is who he is and he is too lazy!

Now, in defense of the men, it isn’t easy. I sparked up a conversation with a few that seemed somewhat interested in conversation. I asked: “What are the women like on this site?” I did that because I wanted to know what exactly it is like being in a man’s position. So, I asked and they ALL said the same thing “They are catfishes or they are webcam models looking for clients.” I asked “If there were real ones?” they did reply with “Very few and if there are then they are extremely rude and defensive.” So technically, with this site, it is for women to play, men too. Men are only interested in hooking up and a few rare want legitimate friends or relationships and are willing to get to know you.cfae0bd5abf315342503abac41a73804

I then needed to ask myself, why is it that women feel the need to catfish? Is it to pass the time? Is it because they don’t feel good enough about the real person that they are so they feel safe making up a persona? That then takes me back to women need to embrace and accept who they are. Guys don’t come on the site to look for the next victoria secret model. They all have their own definitions of beauty and what they are attracted too. Don’t do complicated things, don’t be complicated and just be you.

Now, In defense of the women, I feel sorry. I feel sorry because I consider myself to be attractive and have been told on many occasions that I am. However, this one man came across with lines claiming he speaks Italian. I legitimately speak Italian as a third language. He claimed he did as well. However what he said to me was something along the lines as “be my bitch” or something of that nature. So, I do know with men saying “let’s hook up bitch” or “Show me them boobies” I can see where women get defensive.

Then we all know that the rest of the POF population is unsalvageable. No need to talk about webcam girls or catfishing because women get that too. So if you are looking for a hookup site then go to POF. If you are wanting anything with substance or solid. Not going to happen on POF.

Stay tuned for #2!

Big Hugs!