Kill Christmas Stress with Angry S-E-X!

Tis the season for holiday stress. You’ve got family to entertain, meals to prep, gifts to wrap, and money to spend, spend, spend. No wonder you and your spouse are starting to snap! It’s probably time for to take a bit of stress out … on each other!

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a huge advocate for rage sex. There’s really nothing hotter than venting your frustrations through a hard, angry fuck. Hair pulling, spanking, pinching, growling.

It’s even more fun if you get creative. And I’m not talking about that tired old cliche of playing Mr. and Mrs. Claus.
I’m talking about sneaking off to some hidden location while the in-laws argue over Trump. Create a code word to signal when it’s time to ghost the chaos, then go somewhere no one is likely to look for you. Try the attic, or the basement, or even a closet — someplace cramped and dirty and reminiscent of your first awkward fuck in the back seat of a Plymouth.

Then go for it. Don’t ask; don’t apologize, don’t make conversation. Pinch, pull, hit, name call. Then bliss out on the endorphins.
You’ll be having a holly jolly Christmas in no time.