Kill Christmas Stress with Angry S-E-X!

Tis the season for holiday stress. You’ve got family to entertain, meals to prep, gifts to wrap, and money to spend, spend, spend. No wonder you and your spouse are starting to snap! It’s probably time for to take a bit of stress out … on each other!

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a huge advocate for rage sex. There’s really nothing hotter than venting your frustrations through a hard, angry fuck. Hair pulling, spanking, pinching, growling.

It’s even more fun if you get creative. And I’m not talking about that tired old cliche of playing Mr. and Mrs. Claus.
I’m talking about sneaking off to some hidden location while the in-laws argue over Trump. Create a code word to signal when it’s time to ghost the chaos, then go somewhere no one is likely to look for you. Try the attic, or the basement, or even a closet — someplace cramped and dirty and reminiscent of your first awkward fuck in the back seat of a Plymouth.

Then go for it. Don’t ask; don’t apologize, don’t make conversation. Pinch, pull, hit, name call. Then bliss out on the endorphins.
You’ll be having a holly jolly Christmas in no time.


Are You A Married Man? Craving The Girlfriend Experience? Get Them Both From The Same Place!

Disclaimer: This isn’t phone sex, just simple advice!


As a phone sex operator, I learned what fantasies tend to get men going. Though I took calls with men wanting all kinds of interesting scenarios, a few popular themes emerged, from seducing the babysitter to succumbing to the flirtatious next door neighbor.

But there was one theme that stuck out to me the most, possibly because it was one I found more sad than fun. I had a lot of married guys calling and asking for me to treat them like I would if I was a new girlfriend.

That’s right — they were paying money for me not to seduce them, but to merely act like I liked them.


There’s a part of me that thinks it’s ironic to have married men paying to act like they’re in a relationship. But there’s another part of me that totally gets it. It’s no secret that after men and women have been married long enough, they can be at risk of taking each other for granted. Maybe they get a little emotionally lazy, or their priorities change.

I used to have this one caller. We’ll call him Stan. The first time he called, I asked what he wanted, and he told me he wanted me to talk to him like we’d just met. The poor guy needed someone to seem interested in him again. Flirt with him a little bit.

He and his wife had been married fifteen years, and when the magic started to fade, he said he tried to spice things back up again until his wife flat-out told him he wasn’t worth the extra effort.

The only thing they were going to do was die together.

So tragic.

People need validation. They need to feel wanted. Just remember what it felt like when you first fell in love, when you had someone who thought you were funny and pretty and valid and important. Think about how that made you feel. Now see what you can do to recapture it.

I do have one suggestion, as crazy as it may sound: Add more rage sex to your relationship.

Yeah, that’s right. Rage sex.

Don’t argue. Don’t hold grudges. Have sex. Have angry, rough, violent sex. Take all that frustration out physically. It will help your relationship mentally, I promise.

For example, let’s say hubby calls you because you’re running late. He sounds pissed because he needs your help around the house. But you’re out at the PTA meeting. It’s not like you’re killing time.

He’s cranky. You’re pissed. The temptation is to yell and vent. But don’t do that.

Do this: say, “Suck it up!”

Say, “Make it work.”

Say, “I’m at the fucking PTA meeting.”

And hang up.

And you’ve initiated a rough form of foreplay.

Once you hang up, follow up with a quick text saying something like, “I’m going to get you so hard when I get home.”

Then let the passionate hate fuck commence.

You’ll both feel better afterward.

Trust me, no relationship is perfect, but it can be better than it is. If you look hard enough at your spouse, you will find the person you met so many years ago. The one who flirted with you and made you feel so important.

Marriage is hard work, sure, but find your kinks again. Women, throw on a bit of mascara and get those “fuck me” eyes.


Men, you don’t need much coaxing, but just RAVAGE her!

Bust the headboard.

Bust the box spring (trust me, it can be done).

And you will have so much fun.

Big hugs!


50 Shades of LAME …


“…her world fell apart when he tapped her across the face. Take a punch to your suck hole for kinky sake and get back to me…” — A Perverse Reality


I do believe that Fifty Shades of Grey is a prime example of the glorification of mainstream kink. It’s all about sexy seduction and love taps here and there but let’s face it that is not the reality of the kinky or fetishism. Now I will be honest with you, I did not read or watch the book or the movie. Because I did not have to now that it was glorification of mainstream kink, besides, everyone else and their mother drooled over it. After having to sit through numerous mind-numbing, torturous conversations about how this book had changed the way people look at kink or fetishism it was like a slow death. If Fifty Shades of Grey changed the way they looked at kink and fetishism then I just thought I’ll keep my mouth shut because if I were to tell them what the Kinks and Fetishes really were about they would need padded walls and Jesus by the time I was done.

50 More… domme-digging-her-heel-into-muscular-hunks-ass-498x498

Now this isn’t to slam Fifty Shades of Grey because every housewife from the 1940’s has to have her own little secret pleasure to hide from her bread winning husband. The glorification of mainstream kinky isn’t wrong, but if you are going to glorify it and mainstream it then please for the love of god explain it and or portray it correctly! Now with being The Operator I will not be talking about fetishism and kink and breaking them down I will however state my opinion and let you know from my perspective which is a unique one. From my perspective Fifty shades of Grey is a little on the Fifty Shades of Lame side, this isn’t a bashing session but from my experience as a former phone whore some like to call it, a slap across the face was something not only do I wish I could talk about but just imagine something darker, harder and much more devilish intent behind it. The things about some fetishism and kinks are what nightmares and PTSD is made of.

The imagination is a great thing, but also, can be an extremely scary thing and that is what is meant by the depths of fantasies and fetishism. I believe everyone should explore their desires and fantasies but not at the expense of hurting people or the innocent. So I hope that you enjoyed this little rant I guess you can call it I like to think of it not as a rant but just to get you to think about it. Become a Phone Sex Operator or any part of the actual adult entertainment industry and tell me that Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t Fifty Shades of Lame.


What I’ve Learned: Intimacy Tips from a Phone Sex Dom

A Q&A with TG Emmerson

Emmerson’s thoughts were doggie style was the height of kink when she plunged into the world ofj_nibblr no-taboo and taboo phone sex. Her small-town upbringing couldn’t prepare her for the twisted fantasies she soon found herself playing out. Other experiences as an operator taught her plenty of lessons about secret desires and the things that go unsaid in a relationship.
Q: You did thousands of phone sex calls during your career. What was your typical client?
I’d say 80 percent of my regular clients were either married or in a committed relationship.They’d pop into the chat room where I set up sessions and say they’d call once their wife left the house.
Q: Married callers? That’s scandalous! What was one predominant theme you took away from those calls?
People say that sex is an act of love, and that’s true to some extent, but it is also something that should be fun in the relationship. I think too often, guys have fantasies they don’t feel safe expressing to their spouses or partners. They’re worried about being judged if they divulge their darker urges, but those urges need to be expressed.
That’s why they call phone sex operators — they need a safe place to talk about their fantasies. If guys didn’t have an obsessive need for change in the bedroom, I wouldn’t get any calls.
Q: So no judgment?
I think it’s important to create an environment of trust. A quality relationship is one where partners can share their secrets without fear of judgment.
I talked to people all the time who would get in trouble if their wives even caught them so much as watching porn, which I find so sad. It’s important to keep in mind that most men want to remain faithful to their wives, and if they want to add porn or roleplay into the mix, that’s fine. They are still ultimately having sex with you. And more times than not are fantasizing about you while they watch porn or want a roleplay. NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF!
Q: So … porn is in?
If you walk in and find your partner watching porn, don’t judge. Join in! Help out. It will heighten the experience for both of you.


Q:So how would monogamous couples add spice back into their relationships?
The first step is to look for opportunities to add spontaneity in the bedroom. Start simple. Don’t push it to a point where you’re questioning yourself, but it’s important to own someone’s mind as well as their body.
For wives, I suggest sending text messages saying things like, “I’m going to own you tomorrow.” or even something as simplistic as “I want you bad!”
If you’re giving him a blowjob, maybe throw a blindfold on him. Once you take away his ability to see, his other senses will be heightened, and he’ll love it.
But have fun. He’s your husband or your partner! Why not tie a pair of panties around his balls before you send him off to work for the day?

Ultimately what I have learned is don’t take intimacy seriously. Let’s not get it twisted; it can be intimidating, but this is why communication is important for both involved. Kink is not a bad thing, and yet that is where a lot of people get scared. It should be passionate and fun at the same time.