Kill Christmas Stress with Angry S-E-X!

Tis the season for holiday stress. You’ve got family to entertain, meals to prep, gifts to wrap, and money to spend, spend, spend. No wonder you and your spouse are starting to snap! It’s probably time for to take a bit of stress out … on each other!

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a huge advocate for rage sex. There’s really nothing hotter than venting your frustrations through a hard, angry fuck. Hair pulling, spanking, pinching, growling.

It’s even more fun if you get creative. And I’m not talking about that tired old cliche of playing Mr. and Mrs. Claus.
I’m talking about sneaking off to some hidden location while the in-laws argue over Trump. Create a code word to signal when it’s time to ghost the chaos, then go somewhere no one is likely to look for you. Try the attic, or the basement, or even a closet — someplace cramped and dirty and reminiscent of your first awkward fuck in the back seat of a Plymouth.

Then go for it. Don’t ask; don’t apologize, don’t make conversation. Pinch, pull, hit, name call. Then bliss out on the endorphins.
You’ll be having a holly jolly Christmas in no time.


And the Survey Says? Guys Like Vagina. All Kinds of Vaginas

Let’s get crude, crass and most of all REAL for a moment…

Listen I know and am aware that all guys don’t like vajays … I get that. But still, most guys like them, and at one time, I thought I knew exactly what they wanted. But then I learned the truth.

Several years ago, a girlfriend of mine and I decided we wanted to do an experiment. We went onto dating sites, created profiles, and then conducted surveys in an effort to find out what men really want or what men really expect when it comes to lady parts.


It’s been so long, I don’t remember a lot of the questions we asked, but one of them still sticks in my mind, because I was a bit surprised by the results.

The question we asked was fairly simple: What types of vajays do you prefer.

I figured we would get pretty similar answers to this. I mean, the stereotype is men liked shaved “Barbie” vajays, right?

Boy was I wrong. We got a wide range of answers: Fat vajays, hairy ones, thin lipped ones, beef burger lips and even meat curtains. You name it.

Now there was one respondent who described himself as a player, and his response was about what I thought I’d get. He said one night he took a girl home. She was a model, really pretty, and he was into her — until she took her jeans off. He said he couldn’t handle what he described as her “Beef Pattie Pussy.”


So yeah, some guys are exactly like I expect them to be.

But overall, the responses were as diverse as the men who gave them and we spoke to about 600 men in the local area. It was nice getting such an in-depth look beyond the stereotypes. In fact, I’m thinking about conducting another poll soon.

Anyone have any ideas for questions they’d like me to ask?

Feel free to leave a comment on what poll i should conduct next time.

Big hugs!


What I’ve Learned: Intimacy Tips from a Phone Sex Dom

A Q&A with TG Emmerson

Emmerson’s thoughts were doggie style was the height of kink when she plunged into the world ofj_nibblr no-taboo and taboo phone sex. Her small-town upbringing couldn’t prepare her for the twisted fantasies she soon found herself playing out. Other experiences as an operator taught her plenty of lessons about secret desires and the things that go unsaid in a relationship.
Q: You did thousands of phone sex calls during your career. What was your typical client?
I’d say 80 percent of my regular clients were either married or in a committed relationship.They’d pop into the chat room where I set up sessions and say they’d call once their wife left the house.
Q: Married callers? That’s scandalous! What was one predominant theme you took away from those calls?
People say that sex is an act of love, and that’s true to some extent, but it is also something that should be fun in the relationship. I think too often, guys have fantasies they don’t feel safe expressing to their spouses or partners. They’re worried about being judged if they divulge their darker urges, but those urges need to be expressed.
That’s why they call phone sex operators — they need a safe place to talk about their fantasies. If guys didn’t have an obsessive need for change in the bedroom, I wouldn’t get any calls.
Q: So no judgment?
I think it’s important to create an environment of trust. A quality relationship is one where partners can share their secrets without fear of judgment.
I talked to people all the time who would get in trouble if their wives even caught them so much as watching porn, which I find so sad. It’s important to keep in mind that most men want to remain faithful to their wives, and if they want to add porn or roleplay into the mix, that’s fine. They are still ultimately having sex with you. And more times than not are fantasizing about you while they watch porn or want a roleplay. NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF!
Q: So … porn is in?
If you walk in and find your partner watching porn, don’t judge. Join in! Help out. It will heighten the experience for both of you.


Q:So how would monogamous couples add spice back into their relationships?
The first step is to look for opportunities to add spontaneity in the bedroom. Start simple. Don’t push it to a point where you’re questioning yourself, but it’s important to own someone’s mind as well as their body.
For wives, I suggest sending text messages saying things like, “I’m going to own you tomorrow.” or even something as simplistic as “I want you bad!”
If you’re giving him a blowjob, maybe throw a blindfold on him. Once you take away his ability to see, his other senses will be heightened, and he’ll love it.
But have fun. He’s your husband or your partner! Why not tie a pair of panties around his balls before you send him off to work for the day?

Ultimately what I have learned is don’t take intimacy seriously. Let’s not get it twisted; it can be intimidating, but this is why communication is important for both involved. Kink is not a bad thing, and yet that is where a lot of people get scared. It should be passionate and fun at the same time.