Today’s Forecast: Foggy with a Strong Chance of Creative

Today’s Forecast: Foggy with a Strong Chance of Creative

I think most people avoid dark, gloomy weather, but to be honest, I love it!

Maybe there’s something wrong with me. Or maybe it’s my preferred genre, horror, that requires a somber environment.

Whatever the reason, when it’s cold and gray outside, I get the urge to create. I brew some coffee and snuggle under a blanket since I prefer not to wear clothes if I don’t have to, and I dive into the recesses of my imagination, conjuring blood and villains.

So while all those so-called “well adjusted” people out there crave summertime and sunlight and vitamin D, I’m over here waiting for the fog to roll in.
Now remind me … why did I leave Oregon again?

Big hugs!


For All Writers On All Levels…We All Have Critics…


When Criticism Becomes Bullying

So here’s the thing: As a writer, I welcome feedback. I need feedback if I’m going to grow and develop my talents. And book reviews are a great way to get that feedback.

If done well, reviews serve a dual purpose: they not only let potential readers know about the quality of a work, but they can also provide a red flag to observant authors.

But that only works if the feedback is CONSTRUCTIVE. Unfortunately, there’s a line where book reviews can become outright bullying.

Unfortunately, I witnessed this behavior lately. After posting a story to Amazon, I received a scathing review that at first devastated me as a budding writer. Was I really as bad as this person claimed?

It was only after doing some research that I realized it wasn’t personal. This woman wrote a lot of reviews, and I couldn’t find a single one that was positive.

Not one.

In fact, most of the reviews I found weren’t even about books. They were about hair dye.  And candy bars.

Candy bars!8e087caa89abfb1f16a8bd0ed9e7893a

I got over my pain really quickly.

Plus, thankfully, I have received more balanced criticism of my work. I have gotten reviews that told me specifically what worked, what didn’t, and where I could improve my work. It didn’t tear me down without any effort to try to build me back up.

Because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Big hugs!